Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The one with the Gentleman's Game !!!

I know wat everyone thinks, "hah !!!!!!!!  not about cricket again". Infact, it is another blog about cricket...

Sorry folks, it is indeed difficult to take the "cricket" out of me. I was wondering why cricket is called a "Gentleman's game". I have my own explanations of why it is called so. First and foremost, cricket was played long back during the 16th century in England and then later became a national sport for them. All set of rules and what is called " TheCode of Conduct" was established my ICC and Marylbourne Cricket Club(MCC) respectively ........... blah blah blah blah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Code of Conduct in short is to maintain the behaviour on the field by cricketers. More than that, it is so called because of the respect given to fellow athletes across both the teams.

But times have changed now. There seem to be a huge amount of cushioning provided to the code of conduct provided to players themselves. Sledging and Swearing has become common these days.

Above all, it is called as the Gentleman's game just because of the respect and passion players show towards the game.

A recent incident shows how the cricket played these days does not deserved to be called that way. With one run to win, plenty of balls remaining, and Viru on strike, even a dead man knows India's gonna win. If I were bowling, (or if any true, die-hard cricket fan is bowling), though I know that India's gonna win, I would'nt let them win in my over. I would die to save that one run being consumed in my over. That is how cricket should be played !!!!. But if so called facts posted by media are true, such as Dilshan or Sanga prompted Randiv to bowl the no-ball, it is pathetic on their part to do so. Such senior players doing a nasty thing like this is never acceptable and is a sure a big blow to Cricket.

Cricket truly is not a Gentleman's game anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The one where my fingers got numb !!!!!!!!!!!

I rarely post a blog. It's not that I dont have time or finding it difficult to think of a subject. Its because I wanted to write something interesting. Wink....

It has been quite a few months since I started working in Pune, the land of job opportunities especially for mechanical engineers. Infact it has been just more than an year and a half. Life has been almost routine then.
Things were getting monotonous and hence life started sucking !!!!!!!!!!!!

Was missing all the joy in my hometown with friends and family.. (According to me, job & money are deep below in the list compared to the ones I mentioned ....)

Imagine if I had fulfilled my mom's wish (infact any mom's wish) of pursuing an MS in the US, I would have by now killed myself ;)

Just when I started thinking of getting out of Pune and find a job in a place where I can hangout with my friends and visit my family often, a wisdom of light struck from nowhere. It said, "Dude !!!!, its time to fulfil some smaller goals in life" Then I started thinking, what small goals do I have in life. In a flash, Music and "Guitar" came to my mind (I shud say, I ve never thought so fast in life !!!!). One thing led to another and then I started learning guitar. (by the way, my apologies to Ilayaraja and ARR :) )

It is not as easy as I thot (ofcourse, easier for those who are dedicated). Day one, looking at a 16yr old , his guitar, the six strings and the strumming looked much simpler. But when I held it for the first time, I knew how much difficult it was to play. Weeks went by, top of the fingers started to lose skin, got harder and finally got numb. But the satisfaction I got when I played "sa re ga ma" for the first time was unforgettable.

I might not be earning as much as my conterparts in the US, but I wanted to say that I felt satisfied for giving importance to smaller things in life. :) :) ..........

Friday, June 11, 2010

The one with the present !!!

It is a usual day at work and I was going through some web portals related to sports, movies etc. With all articles about batting maestro Sachin, prolific Mani Ratnam, Maradonna, ARR, I was wondering how many such great legends lived in during our period. There were countless. For a moment I thought, this period has produced most number of greats in their respective fields and I proudly smiled sitting at my desk (Thank God that it is closed cubicle and no one saw !!!!) thinking that I would tell my grandchildren that my period was the best.

And now that the moment crossed by, I was thinking, How many such greats lived in the past. I could think
only of a very few like say Einstien, Newton, Bradman, Sobers. It is not that the world hasnt produced many legends previously, it is just that I am so pathetic in history which is the cause for my ignorancy . It is sure that there lived so many greats in the past and so many are yet to come in the future. We just have to sit down, lean back and wait for more to come.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The one with the new project

Hi all..meeting you guys after a long break.. Its not that I was busy or anything, but I just got out of the client place "forever" where as mentioned in my previous blog I was isolated from all the internet.. ;)..Now, it feels so good..

I now have a set of new challenges (with all the internet and browsing avl..thts the real challenge).. and thts the reason why I am able to post this blog on a wednesday morning ;).. Hope I will continue to post more blogs in the future.

I wish myself all the best for my new project.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The one with a few embarassments !!!

Its been looong time since I wrote a blog. I wanted to say, it is because of the hard work I am doing and look more busier than ever, though it is only partly true. Screw the client place where I am now. No internet access whatsoever. The only so called access is google without which I could not work as an engineer (nor anyone, for that matter). .... Coming to the subject, obviously the embarassements happened at the client place who is the 2nd largest automotive manufacturer in India and which starts with the letter "M". Those who have guessed by now, dont think I brag too much about my work (it is not as exciting as you think) and those who did not I pity you for your poor knowledge in auto industry. I went there for PLM implementation support which is the hottest domain currently in any engineering industry. Not many people in Indian industry do know about it but I am happy that I knew something which makes me slightly have the edge over others (What happ to me ... I ve never bragged so much) ... So I am there at a user's machine installing a PLM tool when a nice assamese girl told,

"My mouse is not working"...
Me:" So???"...
She:" Arent you the infrastructure guy who does maintenence ?"..
Me: "Excuse me !!!.. You got me wrong"
She: Blushing starts
Me: And flirting starts !!!!

Another incident happened when I completed installation on a user's machine. Now the user (he is unfortunately a "he" this time) logs in and started shouting at me that his outlook is not working. I became furious and said it was none of my business...

Why dont people enquire before they speak. It embarasses others for sure. Why dont they make sure about something before they ask something else.. They take others for granted. It is true not only in office but everywhere we go and meet new people

So it is my kind advice to all you ( and myself ofcourse) to think before we speak.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The one with many diagreements

This blog is about a sensitive issue and I do not have much expertise to talk about it but then, this is my blog and I can write whatever I feel like. Here it goes ...

It is about one of the most influential artifact and it is called "Religion". Many would disagree whether this is a fact or an artifact. Man has created many facts and convinced himself about several truths like the evolution of the universe and the like. But with "Religion", he has not only convinced himself but made it dominate humans. Don't think I am an aethist speaking about the non-existence of God. I am just against the so called religion and its beliefs. On the other part some of these beliefs have made man more ethical and constarint with principles. Otherwise he would have been just another animal. With religion he has just promoted himself as a social animal. In our daily lives, we see many such beliefs and religious procedures being carried out, but most of these are done so that people feel good about themselves. But it all lies in what you do for other people, how you treat nature which has given birth to the first human. It does not depend on wasting flowers, milk and other food on merely a statue. Am not targeting a religion, but its true with all other religions also. Give it to people who really need them and you can find someone adorable in yourself.

Humans can now become a social animal without the so-called "religion" !!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Toughest job in India

It is one of the toughest job in India. Can anyone guess ??.. Is it being a doctor, an engineer, a politician .... NOO.. It is being captain of the Indian cricket team. The defending champions were thrown out the T20 World Cup yesterday by the not so very good England. 153 to chase, India which had terrific batting line-up failed to make it although they inched closer to the target. I was watching TV in a public place this morning and the channel was CNN-IBN. Dhoni's pic zooming in and out at different angles to show that he has failed. Rediculous !!!.. Also Dhoni's pic alongside Sehwag's stating the clash between them. God knows the truth and the media completely scrwed it up making "captain cool" cold during the press meet.

Why can't people accept defeat. Team India is no supernatural to win all games they play. The former "so called" cricketing giants like Javagal Srinath criticised Dhoni's tactics while chasing. He dont know what the hell is T20 cricket and speaks asif he has achived something significant in T20. If Dhoni's startegy such as sending in Jadeja at number 4 had worked, then all the critics would have appreciated it. Cricket is just another profession. Failures are always likely. Pointing out Dhoni alone is not the correct thing. With media hyping up this issue, Dhoni has even apologised for the fans' disappointment. He should nt have apologised. Experimenting in cricket should definitely be done. I am not supporting Dhoni but would have supported anyone in his place. He has been a better captain achiveing some unimaginable feats. Every cricket fan should give him time to rethink and regroup.

Hence, captaining this Indian cricket team has its own cons and so I feel it is one of the toughest jobs in India.